The conference aims to provide opportunities for lecturers, researchers, observers, social and environmental activists, and students from a variety of scientific disciplines especially those focused on interdisciplinary Islamic studies to share knowledge, scientific work and results in findings of one’s research,  aimed at making the proceedings and or articles to be published in publishers indexed by reputable indexers like Scopus. In addition, this conference is also held to build networks and relationships that can encourage research efforts and collaborative projects in addressing related issues so as to contribute to policymakers and stakeholders.

Place and time

The conference will be held on October 20-21, 2021 at the Graduate School of UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi. We also consider holding the meeting in form of a teleconference due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic.

Theme: Challenges and Opportunities for the Emerging World

Sub-themes/Call for Abstracts but not limited to:

  1. Islam, Muslims and the Problems of Minority and Occupations: Xingjian, Palestine, Myanmar, Thailand, Southern Philippines, and Western Countries: Strategic Position of Indonesia
  2. Developing Models of Religious Education to Counter Conservatism and Radicalism
  3. Challenges and Opportunities in the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
  4. The Resilience of Islamic Principles in the Digital Era and Technology
  5. Religious Authority and Fatwa in the Digital Age
  6. Islam, Youth, and Social Media
  7. Islamic Economic Challenges and Solutions
  8. Gender Equality from Islamic View
  9. Islam in South East Asia
  10. Restoring the Excellence of Islamic Civilization
  11. Education and Technology in Shaping the Muslim Personality
  12. Islamic Civilization Contributions to the Modern World
  13. The Importance and Roles of Linguistics in Islamic Studies
  14. Trans-integration of Knowledge and Islamic Studies
  15. Islam and the Role of Language and Culture
  16. Transnational Religious Actors and International Order in Emerging World
  17. Islam and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  18. Health and Psychological impact of Covid-19
  19. Disability and Children Friendly Education
  20. Challenges of Contextualization, Differentiation, and Simplification of the National Curriculum
  21. Clean and good governance in the emerging world
  22. System Dynamic on Social and Natural Science
  23. Smart City and Smart Village
  24. Pandemic Effects on Demography and Social Transformation
  25. Islamic Moderation in the Modern Age
  26. Digital Literacy to the Society

Paper Submission

Papers should be readable and plain Bahasa, Arabic, or English, and should between 8 to 12 pages. Check our Submission page on how to prepare your manuscript.


The accepted papers are published in proceedings or journals and will be submitted to reputable publishers.

Paper Template

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